New to Canada and buying a home

Mandip moved to Canada with his family for a better life. He had been looking to buy a home but his bank only approved him for a condo or townhouse. Mandip wasn’t satisfied as he really wanted a detached property. 


How we can help: was able to look at his application and portfolio as well as his financial portfolio both in Canada and overseas. We were able to structure his approval for a detached house but there weren’t many opportunities for Mandip within the price range given. He was however able to locate one that worked for his family. 


Overcoming challenges:

We faced a few challenges with Mandip approval. Mandip’s income was new, however he was with a large company and the bank was able to accept his current income. Most of Mandip’s funds were still overseas, he had some in Canada but his down payment was overseas.



Mandip was able to get the money into Canada and he was able to purchase the home he wanted.