Lawyer buys first home

Mark had just finished his law school studies and was now ready to buy his first condo in Port Moody B.C.


Mark had studied law school and after just 1 year with his new firm he had received a significant promotion giving him the comfort for home ownership.

Down Payment:

Mark had been able to save some money while still being able to enjoy going out with his friends. He was cautious not to spend carelessly and had saved up enough for 10% down on his new home.


Half of Marks education had been paid by student loads, Mark had been slowly chipping away at them as well as putting some money into savings at the same time. It was a debt he was worried would affect his loan approval amount. 


With the right advice:

Mark was able to set a new plan with his new position. He was able to comfortably pay his mortgage as well as setting some aside for his student loans. 

After sitting down and receiving the numbers it made sense to take action now instead of continuing to rent. 


Mark’s story continues “Home owner lowers existing mortgage rates”