What To Know Before Getting Your Next Mortgage

1. Experience shows too many Canadians get in-experienced advice when financing the largest purchases of their life.

Often, this results in consumers taking out mortgages at higher interest rates or with greater restrictions which ends up costing more and eating up the hard earned equity in their home.  What’s becoming more and more common these days is banks not approving consumers for the purchase price they are looking for.

2. Did you know that every bank has their own way of approving you?

Each bank/credit union/mortgage lender in Canada has their own policies on approving you.  Where 4 banks in Greater Vancouver may say “NO” 3 may say “YES”. When we receive an application we don’t try to fit it into ‘one’ banks box.  We look at ‘all’ mortgage lenders programs and determine which boxes the application fits. From there we snag the best mortgage rates and terms for our clients with our long established relationships with Canadian banks, credit unions, and private lenders. 

3. Our rates are good … REALLY GOOD …

Because mortgages is all we do, the banks, credit unions, and other mortgage lenders are constantly asking us to send them clients. They email us daily with special mortgage rates to entice us … we pass these special rates on to you.

4. And the best part is, our help is free!

You don’t pay a dime for our experienced expert mortgage advice. Nothing, zilch, zero. Basically we do all the work for the bank and hand them over a new client so they pay us a “thank you” fee. Saying that, for situations that don’t fit standard residential approval guidelines and commercial mortgages, fees may apply. In those cases fees will be discussed clearly up front. But if you’re a regular home buyer … free advice and no fees!

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Ethically work for our clients, not a bank, in order to maintain an independent perspective and work in our clients best interest. Maintain a high level of client confidentiality. Provide solutions from quality Canadian financial institutions.



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